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Executive Compensation

Lori Ecker provides her mid- and upper-level executive clients with a full range of counsel and advocacy in negotiating and enforcing compensation agreements. She brings the full force of her extensive experience and knowledge to bear in assisting clients in negotiating favorable compensation packages.

Ms. Ecker has extensive knowledge of the kinds of packages being offered to executives at various levels and in different industries and can help negotiate everything from base pay, incentive packages and stock option agreements, to special supplemental insurance benefits, retirement benefits, club memberships, first-class air travel, company cars, termination provisions and many other benefits.

She helps clients identify their goals and negotiate agreements that meet and exceed those goals.

Severance agreements usually include a release of an employee’s right to sue the employer, so if you think you have been wrongfully terminated because of race, sex, religion or some other discriminatory reason, it might be advisable not to sign.

Contact Lori Ecker for superior representation and counsel in all matters related to executive compensation agreements.