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Employment Mediation and Arbitration

Lori Ecker’s exceptional reputation for experience and depth of knowledge in the area of employment law has fed a vigorous employment mediation and arbitration practice. The benefits of alternative dispute resolution of employment matters include savings of time, money and the emotional toll that can result from a trial and the publicity that can arise.

Qualified to serve as a neutral mediator or arbitrator and as a party advocate, Ms. Ecker has found that many clients are opting for mediation or arbitration as an alternative to trial.

Ms. Ecker received her formal training as a mediator with the DePaul University Mediation Training Certificate Course. She is listed as a court-certified mediator for the Circuit Court of Cook County’s Court-Annexed Major Case Civil Mediation Program, and she is listed on the American Arbitration Association’s National Employment Arbitration Roster.

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